Happy August!

Going fishing?

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Monster Pike Loves the Hawg Shad

Fishing with Fishbelly Lures

It's easy and fun for everyone!

Fishing with Fishbelly Lures

All ages can enjoy!


Fishbelly Hawg Shads are perfect match to the baitfish. My friends and I always take them fishing with us. Fun catching fish with them!

Rob from New Jersey

Fishbelly hawgshad is so life-like even in the winter months when all other soft plastics stiffen in the freezing temperature, it still produces the necessary action to catch pikes and sanders.

Jens from Sweden

Lake Kawaguchi is so pressured with people literally standing shoulder to shoulder fishing for bass and yet Fishbelly Hawg Shad manages to catch the bass.

Jun from Japan

Fishbelly: "Why do you choose Fishbelly?"

Len: "Because it catches fish!"

Lenny from West Virginia

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