About Us

The Birth of Fishbelly

Remember the day when you caught your first fish? I did. Hi, my name is Kai. I was six years old when my dad took me fishing and I remembered staying up until 4 AM. I was already all dressed up and ready to go. Til this day, I remembered the tug at the end of my line and fighting the fish.

Fishbelly was created to bring back the fond memory of catching your first fish even though it could be your nth fish.


That memory lived in me and I aimed to recreate the memory for those who also caught their first fish when their dad or mom or granddad or uncle took them fishing. The opportunity came in November of 1999 when the Internet opened up for business where it allowed businesses to reach out to people and people to reach businesses easily without borders. I founded Fishbelly for the purpose of reliving the memory of catching our "first" fish when we were kids. 


The fishing lures were designed to be fun and easy to use so everyone regardless of age and sex can enjoy fishing and catching fish with them. Thus, our tagline for Fishbelly is "A fun and easy fishing lure to be enjoyed when fishing."


My mission is to catch every predatory fish using the Fishbelly lures and document with pictures to show where it was caught, how it was caught (i.e. the rig used), and the size of the fish. I encourage you to do the same if you so choose so someday you can show your "album" to your kids and/or grandkids.


Try Fishbelly lures and you will find to enjoy fishing and catching fish with them.


Most of all, enjoy life and enjoy your fishing in the outdoors.