How to Fish a Popper Shad

Fishbelly Popper Shad is designed to work on topwater like a wood popper lure. Instead of a wood composition, it is made of soft plastic. There are two versions of Popper Shad - one is neutral buoyancy and the other is slow-sinking with nano-salt.

It imitates a dying baitfish. The best way to fish the Popper Shad is as follows (just follow the pictures):

Here's a picture of the Fishbelly Popper Shad.

In this picture, you can see the wide gaping mouth of the Popper Shad.

Picture #1: Insert the sharp end of a wide gap hook (either a 5/0 or 6/0) into the center of the gaping mouth of the Popper Shad. Note that the 5/0 hook would be better for the 5" whereas the 6/0 hook would be for the 6".


Picture #2: Thread the hook behind the gill cover of the Popper Shad.

Picture #3: Thread the entire hook through and leave the eye of the hook just protruding at the center of the gaping mouth.

Picture #4: Insert the hook on the side of the Popper Shad as shown.

Picture #5: The hook is placed parallel to the side with the sharp end protruding for easy penetration and hook up.

Picture #6 shows the side profile.

Picture #7 shows a close-up front profile.

To fish the Popper Shad, cast to the target area like in the middle of a baitfish boil or lily pad. After it made a "belly flop" splash on the surface of the water, let it sit a few seconds. The initial splash may alert the bass that dinner is calling. With a slight twitch of your rod, retrieve it a bit and stop for a few seconds. Make sure you reel in the slack line. Repeat this twitch and retrieval until you get a strike. You may want to retrieve the Popper Shad like a buzzbait on the surface of the water creating a panic baitfish run. Both styles will drive bass crazy to strike.

Here's a video on how to rig a Popper Shad:

 Here's another video on how to fish the Popper Shad:

Enjoy fishing the Popper Shad!





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